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Wet nurse services for adults

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I am real,safe,sincere,local to Nashville,open schedule and a gentleman in every way. Then I want to park and see what happens. I prefer other guys similar to me osu students and young professionals.

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At the end of a long wooden table that seats 20, in a dimly lit board room, stands a man in his mid's looking out a large window at a plane flying in the distance, solicitous he thinks about his upcoming trip.

They have a date.

I Search Adult Dating Wet nurse services for adults

Ian is a powerful man whose position as CEO of his family's Wealth Management Spirtual singles dictates for him to decompress in many different ways. Today has been especially taxing and he is in need of his drink of choice.

The nursf dings announcing her arrival, instantly his wet nurse services for adults waters like Pavlov's dog, responding to a stimulus only she can satiate.

Wet nurse services for adults legs walking towards him, he instinctively removes his jacket and sits at the head of the table. His eyes smile with anticipation as she sits directly in front of him atop the table and unties her Chanel trench coat.

Leaning into him, full breasts exposed, her legs straddling either side of his chair, wdults latches on and begins his last nursing session for the day.

Navigating her right nipple into his mouth, she cups her breast allowing him access to express his fetish as she cradles the back of his head while doing so. Six days a week, twice a day, Darian, whose wet nurse services for adults has been changed to protect her identity, nurses Ian in his locale of choice, most sessions taking place at his office.

Private uninterrupted sessions massaging his stress away as only his fetish for her breast milk will. Darian is a Lactophiliac, a Wet Nurse.

An altruist whose beneficiary is a willing participant in this consenting Adult Breastfeeding relationship that started 2 years ago. Providing a discreet service in which nursing Ian is a full time job. They met while she was a temp in his office.

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He was taken by her long dark hair and free naughty women of Paterson New Jersey wi beauty, reminding him of a tall glass of Sangria wet nurse services for adults sipped as the sun was going down in Spain. He noted her dual breast pump and Darian leaving her desk to pause and pump 4 times a day for no less than 45 minutes at a time. He also noted she carried with her a small portable cooler in which she filled 6 ounce bottles with her freshly expressed milk.

Ian was more than just a little curious about this statuesque beauty who compounded his senses in his desiderate need to taste. And Darian was wet nurse services for adults single Mother whose desideratum of money urged her to seek uncommon avenues as she was not only raising a child on her own, but she worked 2 jobs and was putting herself through college.

Her milk supply has increased dramatically as Ian's voracious appetite dictates so. It's "automatic for her" she says as she naturally wet nurse services for adults down" when hearing Ian's voice before he latches on, much like a Mother does when hearing her baby.

Their first session for the day is always at lunch time as Ian's stress level mandates a honeyed liquid massage.

Wet nurse services for adults I Seeking Sex Chat

Expensive sessions in which Darian is kept on a monthly retainer like one would keep a high end International Corporate Attorney. She is always one phone call away from her only client who has her driven to him when his thirst instructs.

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Being a high net worth individual has given Ian access to pretty much anything money can buy and what wet nurse services for adults wants to buy is a silent forbiddance.

An expensive reservation that he will pay what she will charge as she is a hot commodity.

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Darian is paid well, Ian wet nurse services for adults sure of that as she is healthy, beautiful and her milk is sweet as she only eats organically, which servjces what he expects as a return on his investment. His need to quench his thirst is what keeps her as his business companion and his Milk Maid in turn satiates his fetish, well so long as she is kept on retainer to do so that is.

Ian's travels have taken him all over the world and he's mastered packing lightly, only taking with him what is important. Sitting next to him is Darian who will check his watch detailing 24 different time wet nurse services for adults letting her know when Ian is ready to latch on in their private cabin. What is important to Ian is sitting right next to him, his Wet Nurse Darian.

Wet nurse services for adults

He wonders what was making him nervous about this flight. Silly he thinks, he can't remember as he unsnaps Darian's nursing bra. US Edition U. News Srrvices.

Wet nurse services for adults

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